Coaching Assessments – 29 August


Our RCC, Alan Charlton, will be available at Sylvania on Tuesday, 29 August from 4.30 – 5.30 to assess and sign-off Level 1 participants who attended the theory session on 11 April but were unable to attend the previous sign-off session and to assess and sign off anyone who has completed the online Community Coaching Course .


  • Plan a training session with a specific goal or outcome (working on goal shooting, tackling, outletting etc).  Have this on a piece of paper with the drills you would do to achieve this.  You will give this to the RCC running the session.  It doesn’t have to go into huge detail, just enough for the RCC to see that you have an understanding of a session.
  • On the night you will set up, explain and run one of the drills.  The RCC will be looking for clear explanation of the drill – why are we doing this?  (For example “I want us to focus on a nice hard pass, get the ball under control and then a quick shot to the opposite corner”).   While the drill is going on you will need to be watching and giving instruction to players on how to correct a skill error or something to try their next time through.
  • The RCC might ask you some questions and give you some ideas on how to improve a drill, but it is fairly relaxed, so should not be too stressful.

Anyone who would like to attend to be assessed should let Carol Harriss know by email by Friday 25 August at

Anyone who is able to attend as a player “guinea pig” for the coaches to train should also let Carol know – we need quite a few attendees, so please see if you can fit this in