Greenhills Update 16 June

The Sydney South Hockey Association board met with representatives of Sutherland Shire Council on Wednesday 7 June and received the excellent news that the Greenhills project was at last close to finished. We were informed that it was likely we would have access to the fields at the end of June and an official opening date was set for August.
Shire residents will also have received the Council’s newsletter which states that the fields will be available in June. You will have seen the photos provided by Polytan that show how close the fields are to being available.
At a meeting on Thursday 15 June, Council representatives informed the Board that there have been delays and the fields will not be available in June. There were suggestions of an August availability but that date was not guaranteed. The delay was attributed to issues with the connection of electricity but this is only the latest in a long list of reasons that Council has given for delays in delivering Greenhills.
The Sydney South Hockey Association is extremely disappointed by Council’s continued inability to deliver this excellent piece of sporting infrastructure. We are frustrated by the missed deadlines, the cost overruns, the gradual descoping of parts of the project and the seeming disinterest in actually delivering the fields.
As the Association no longer has confidence in Council’s staff to provide accurate information, we will shortly be writing to Sutherland Shire Councillors. We will be informing them of our experiences and reminding them that the hockey community are ratepayers and voters and expect better. We will ask them to make enquiries of Council staff to see if the project can be put back on track.
If you too are frustrated with the delays in the Greenhills project, we encourage you to send a (polite) note to your local Councillor asking for their support and assistance. Below is a link to their contact details.
As promised, we will continue to keep the community informed on Greenhills although the information we have is only as good as the information the Council provides.

Our President has made the following comments:

As President of SSHA I have to say that we have been respectful of the process to deliver these fields. We have taken at good faith the advice of Council staff entrusted to deliver the project but it really has been a “two steps forward one step back” experience. Whilst we accept that unforeseen obstacles arise from time to time with even the best planned projects, the Board of SSHA has lost faith in so far as delays being experienced should have been identified as milestones in a project such as this and therefore these most recent delays have been foreseeable. We will continue to keep you advised.
Angelo Donni
President SSHA

Council contacts are at Sutherland Shire Councillors and Wards