Level 1 Coaching Course – 11 April

The Association will be running a Level 1 coaching course on 11 April in the clubhouse at Sylvania from 7-9pm.   All welcome.  Anyone who would like to attend, please email thecarol@bigpond.net.au asap with  your name and coaching status.  We ask that all attendees arrive promptly, as there is quite a lot to get through, and we don’t want to over-run our booking time.  Once the ‘classroom’ work has been completed there will be a practical session lasting about 45 minutes, at a date and time to be determined.  Carol Harriss will advise all clubs when this is to be held, and this information will also be available on our Facebook and website.

There is no direct cost for this course, but there is a cost for downloading the certificate on completion.  Ideally attendees will have completed the HockeyEd online component before attending the practical course.

Any questions regarding the course should be directed to thecarol@bigpond.net.au .

We are also looking to run a Community Coaching course at a later date