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Invitation to our 2024 Representative Program

Hi all,

Welcome to the 2024 Hockey Season

Hopefully everyone is busy preparing for club trials and getting back into hockey mode. We would like to start off the rep season by compiling a list of interested players and officials. By completing the relevant online form you will assist us in our plans to build on last year’s results.

At this point we are calling for Expressions of Interest leading to informal training sessions. It is hoped that new rep players will be encouraged to participate by this more relaxed introduction to the rep season. It’s an opportunity for players to get an idea of the required standard without the pressure of a formal trial. Formal nominations will be called for at a later date.

If you are interested in the Representative Program we would ask you to please help us get our squads underway by filling in the age appropriate Expression of Interest form for you, or your child. Please note that official nominations will be called for at a latter date.


Under 12 Representative

Under 14 Representative

Under 16 Representative

Under 18 Representative

Open Men and Women

We are also seeking EOIs for selectors and team officials. If you have the relevant experience and would like to assist your association, please complete the forms found here.

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